Facebook and Libraries: Connecting with Social Marketing


Why use Facebook? Facebook is unarguably the largest social networking site on the web right now.  The user base of this site is enormous, with 158 million users in the U.S. alone as… Continue reading

What’s your Pinterest?


Pinterest is a social media platform similar to a digital bulletin board, where users can share images from all over the web. It is, according to the About page: “…a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest… Continue reading

Google Plus and Social Media: “The Icing on the Marketing Cake


On June 28th 2011, Google launched Google Plus, its social networking site.  Although there was understandable skepticism concerning Google’s attempt at a social network considering its previous two abortive attempts at social networking… Continue reading

The Blogographic Record


Social media and libraries.  They don’t necessarily seem to go together, do they?  Sometimes we forget that libraries are key parts of the community, and not just places to check out materials.  As… Continue reading

Instalibrary: The (un)uses of Instagram in libraries


Instagram is a unique social networking site that allows users to take, enhance and share photos with friends and followers on the Instagram network.  Instagram was launched in Apple’s app store in October… Continue reading

Twitter: Tweeting the message of libraries


Twitter is the second most popular social networking site (Strickland, 2012), with over 140 million users (Marketwatch.com, 6/11/12).  The site operates as a microblog, where users post messages, or “tweets” that cannot exceed… Continue reading

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